Saturday, April 19, 2008


It snowed yesterday. It also rained, sleeted, hailed, and flarved,* but by the end of the day it had settled down into actual snowfall that was sticking. Not a huge snowstorm by, like, Minneapolis standards, but for Seattle it was significant. It's so late in the year now that it was snowing in broad daylight past 8:00 at night. I had spent the whole day at the garden store and planting stuff in the yard, all of which I'm sure is now dead.

Mr. Awesome was kind of excited for the snow--"Come on, it's cool! It's a freak occurence!" But I was not having it.


We might have to move to Detroit so I can get some sun.

*Okay, I made this up, but it's a needed vocabulary word. It means precipitation that you're not even sure what it is anymore, except that it sucks ass.


Anonymous said...

If it snows again, do what my midwest cousin's neighbor did during their recent earthquake: run outside in your pajamas screaming "END OF TIMES!". Might make it more fun for you. :)

librarianista said...

Actually, that WOULD make it more fun for me. A lot. Thanks, Lass!

Oliver Rain said...

Snow makes me sad right now too! I should be relaxing on my deck, not trudging around in snow. However, I'd rather have snow in Seattle than sun in Medicine Hat, Canada. You are so lucky!