Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas card greed

Until yesterday, I had been a little bit sad because we had gotten very few holiday cards. I am assuming that this is because everyone sent them to our old house, and the post office, god love them, has stopped forwarding our mail.* (An assumption that is preferable to the idea that everyone just crossed us off their list this year.)  It's no big deal, of course; it just felt like the final "Fuck you" from our old house.  (Hopefully the final one.  That house better leave me alone if it doesn't want its ass burned to the ground.**)

But then yesterday, we got a nice little flurry of cards.  And when I got to work this morning, a lovely little bottle of Maker's Mark was waiting for me.  Could a person have better friends and coworkers?  No, a person could not.
I seriously am like, one of the top seventeen luckiest people around.  Sorry to go all Christmas sappy on you, but facts are facts and as a Scientist of the Library, it is my duty to report them.

*I'm not really complaining.  I know the the P.O. has its own problems.
**I wouldn't really burn that house down, federal government.  I understand that some ladies live there now and I'm sure they're very nice.


Make!Do! said...

Ha! I just updated FB two seconds before I read this about how we haven't sent ours out yet because it's an Advent Activity and it hasn't been pulled yet...fate is leading us to sending out a New Years Card, I fear.
And we still like you.

librarianista said...

I probably should have mentioned that we didn't get any of ours out until a few days ago. And we still haven't sent all of them.

Brandy said...

Hey, you moved! Good riddance to the crap house, huh? Congrats!

And, I haven't gotten any Christmas cards out, ever. Once I became an Official Adult (i.e., mom wasn't putting my name on the family card anymore), I decided that I'm just someone who Doesn't Do Cards. I don't know what my mom makes of this decision, but I'm over a decade in and feeling no regrets. (I recommend this lifestyle.)

The captcha on this post calls me a pighead. Hmm.