Monday, July 18, 2011

Very exciting post about moving! A must read!!

This move has been a bit of a saga.  As those of you who have been breathlessly following each twist in the story will recall, we were originally supposed to move at the end of the month.  But then last week our hot water heater exploded and died.  Time to move!  We managed to reschedule the movers for this weekend--but alas, they scheduled us for the wrong day.  So there was a lot of standing around amongst packed boxes and sleeping on air mattresses and whatnot.

Finally, by about 6:00 last night, all of our stuff was about three miles north of its previous location.  Currently we are living amongst a bewilderment of boxes.  But I got to watch the sun rise over the Cascades this morning while I unpacked my clothes, so we're cool.

As one of the movers was maneuvering our giant television (not a flat screen--perhaps you've seen one on a historical television series such as The Wonder Years?) out of the van, he asked, "You want this in the house?" I'm sure he figured that our real television was hidden somewhere, and we were just transporting this one to go into Mr. A's Man Cave.

They were also a little bit chagrined by how many records we (and by "we" I mean Mr. A) own.  "Haha I sure am glad most people switched to cds hahaha!"  I think what he really meant was, "CHRIST ALMIGHTY HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF DIGITAL DOWNLOADS OWWWWWCH."

Have you ever hired movers, though?  Did you know that they are insanely cheap?  They moved all of our stuff--and there was a ton of it, about 80% garbage--for like $430.  That's barely more than a U-Haul, and it took three hours. 

Things I Have Learned in My Adult Life:

1. Hire movers.
2. Don't pick at it.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's about it.


D said...

Your new place is so very awesome. I have house envy.

Anonymous said...

I believe one attains a new level of enlightenment when one learns about movers.

I had your old house's listing on Redfin bookmarked (I admit it -- I was stalking your house) and was so happy when I checked it the other day to confirm that it is out of your life.

Sara said...

That is insanely cheap. Who did you hire?

librarianista said...

Sara, we hired Adam's Movers. They're local and they really were quite nice and efficient, even if they did mess up on the day.

Sara said...

I've used them, too. They were nice young men.

Lass said...

I hired movers the last time I moved and wondered why I had never done it before. As you point out, it's only marginally more expensive and saves so much time and stress and feeding of surly friends who really don't want to help you but feel obligated because you helped them once and...and...uh..totally worth the money.

Al Pacina said...

Aw man moving. I live in SF and just moved from one end of the panhandle park to the other via an old lady cart. I made probably 25 trips back and forth and think the park inhabitants thought they had a new roomate. Socks and panties are still patterned across the park like bits of bread in that fairy tale.