Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sock sack

I have nothing bad to say about the past week (week!!1!!omg) weather-wise.  It has been 100% gorgeous at all times.  We went to the woods for the long holiday weekend, and I remembered that part of what makes living here tolerable is going into the woods a lot.  I like the trees and the moss and the ferns.  Watching the rain dribble down into the city sewers is just depressing, but in the forest even the rain is okay.  You sort of get the point of it.

So, at the end of this month we are moving.  Into a house with eleven (!!!) closets.  You guys.  There is a broom closet, a coat closet, a linen closet.  There are giant huge closets everywhere.  I understand that being excited about closets is about as bougie as it gets, but I don't care.  I'm sick of keeping my socks in a sack.


Anonymous said...

So you ditched this old house? Where are you guys going to live now?

Jennie said...

YAY! Totally envy the closets. Again, YAY!

(also totally get the rain in forest vs city thing. We just had MAJOR flooding in Copenhagen due to a huge shower, reason all the basements are flooded is because there isn't enough "nature" to soak up the water, forcing it into the sewers, which overflows and backups and....there you go)

SAVanVleck said...

Congratulations! I would be sooo excited about 11 closets. Heck, I would be excited about 5. I have exactly 2 closets for four people.

Yes, the woods is the best.

librarianista said...

@Kent: Pinehurst!
@Jennie: Yikes, that sucks.

arajane said...

yay, that's awesome! i love our house, but we have zero closets on the main floor. like, did not the people of yore need a place to store brooms and coats and such? it is very puzzling.

Lass said...

I am also feeling strong envy for your hyper-closeted new home. I live in a 1920's farmhouse with two barely-closets. More like cloak-hanging spaces. Since I have no cloaks, and need to store oh, blankets and shoes and other things, it sucks.