Sunday, February 14, 2010

What I did on my last vacation as a non-parent

Okay, I said I was going to write a Portland post a hundred years ago, and yet have not. Here are some highlights:

1. It was sunny and 65 degrees the day we were in Corvallis, cementing that town in my mind forever as a paradise on earth.
2. Also, our hotel had an indoor heated pool. Heated!
3. Here is a picture of the courthouse:

4. Why did I take a picture of the Corvallis Courthouse, and nothing else in Corvallis? Because I am crap at taking pictures, both technically and in the sense that I somehow always forget to take them.
5. Our hotel in Portland had fancy French bath products and waffle-fabric robes and slippers and a French press (do you capitalize the "P" in French press? Wikipedia says no) and loose tea. It was delightful. I love a fancy hotel.
6. We went to practically every single restaurant and shop you suggested, both in Corvallis and Portland, and they were all lovely. Thank you! Here is the breakfast we ate at St. Honore:

8. Yum.


brie said...

I love a fancy hotel, too! Any chance of revealing where you stayed. I read "loose tea" and nearly squealed with glee. Sounds like my kinda place.

brie said...

Also, have you seen the Amelia Bloomer list of books:

I'm a librarian, too, so I always appreciate a good book list. There are some good ones directed at teens.

Anonymous said...

I feel cheated. Where's #7?

D said...

I want that breakfast every day. I love that the G1 is in use :).

Librarian Girl said...

You have been added to my list of people toward which I point my Portland jealousy.

Ok, just sort of. I'm glad you had fun!

Librarian Girl said...

I mean toward whom. Jealousy messes up grammar, you know.

librarianista said...

Brie, we stayed at The Heathman, and got it for about half the posted price via And thanks for the new booklist!

K8, I'm sure I had something amazing planned for that #7 slot, but that's pregnancy brain for you.