Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saintly, exalted, or curly-haired

I'm so tired of hearing the words "professionalism" and "professional" thrown around as though they mean "saintly" or "exalted" or "curly-haired." Being professional is like having manners--it just means being nice and making people feel comfortable. And, okay, probably not wearing your cut-off jeans to work. (But you didn't really want to wear them anywhere, did you? Of course not.)

It should NOT mean draining every last drop of personality, humor, or warmth from every aspect of your job. That's "dehumanism." Or something.

However, this made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember when it was or I'd link you to the post, but at some point last year, I was sitting on a plane next to a guy who was loudly narrating his baby's first trip...and then narrating his baby's breastfeeding, "Oooh, Ronan likes Mommy's Mr. Righty!" And yes, that means what you think it means. I wanted to stab the dad, which is what the baby would have done if he had the motor skills.

librarianista said...