Friday, April 10, 2009

File under awesome

To the patron who informed me that by having a (small) area just for teens and their families, the library is "basically engaging in apartheid":

Apartheid? Really? Apartheid?

I mean, I get it. You needed a computer. Could you use the teen computers? No. Instead, you were forced to step onto either an elevator or escalator and then travel upwards of 28 seconds to get to the floor that contains over 100 computers for adults. And that is an indignity no one should have to put up with. It is exactly the same, in every way, as a legalized system of systematic racism and segregation.


Mr. A. sent me this email this morning, which I will file under "Awesome":

"The bus was super empty today, I guess because of Good Friday. The one person who got on at my stop was a kid who looked like Eminem, but totally muscled out. He was around 18 and had on a tight t-shirt and a stocking cap pulled kind of low over his eyes. Anyway, he was reading Eat, Pray, Love."


Librarian Girl said...

That fucking book! AAAAAH.

librarianista said...

Ha! I know. I thought of you right away. I'm not filing it under awesome because of the quality of the literature, obviously.

Anonymous said...

How I wish you had actually said those things to the patron. I guess you want to keep your job, but still...having to deal with such stupidity would push my limits.

And I laughed out loud at Mr. A's bus story. Too good.