Thursday, May 21, 2009

Very daring!

This morning the local NPR guy was all, "It is A GLORIOUS DAY IN THE PUGET SOUND. Beautiful! Amazing! Get outside and enjoy it, everybody! Currently we have 45 degrees with a 15 mph wind out of the northeast."

Listen, Derek Wong, I feel you. I too am happy that it's no longer raining, not least because I'm going to a baseball game after work and for me, the whole point of baseball is being outside in the sunshine.* However, I don't know if 45 degrees is actually an optimal temperature for late May. I know that happiness is all about adjusting one's expectations and whatnot, but still. Let's at least hold out for sweater weather, okay?

Despite the chilly morning, I bravely biked to work.** When I bike to work I generally just throw an outfit in my backpack without checking to see how it will actually look when I put it on. Then at work I shower and put on the outfit and hope for the best. I think today might not have been the best.

Here's how I know: When one of my co-workers arrived today she gave me the once-over and said, "That's quite an outfit you've got there. Very daring!"

I guess cowboy boots with a lime green skirt are too much.

*I know, it's kind of expensive for what is basically a trip to the park. But then, there's also the beer.
**May is bike to work month, in case you don't know. Today is the first day this month that I have in fact biked to work. It's been cold. What am I, some kind of superhero?

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Anonymous said...

Here is Austin, the temps start reaching the 90's in April and May. Every year, the weathermen act as if this is some strange meteorological happening. News flash: Texas is hot. Trees are wood. Film at 11.